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Carnwath Crest

Our Club Crest has evolved somewhat since the Club was founded in 1907. The first official crest was a simple crossed clubs and is known to have dated to the founding of the Club.

The original 'crossed club' crest is now only used by those in an 'Official' position at the Club, such as on Club Captain's badges. 


It evolved in the mid to late 80's with the advent of IT, as the Club aimed to include features of the Course in the crest following a competition in the local School.


In 2017 our club crest evolved to what we now officially recognise a the Club's identity, drawn by longstanding Member, Andrew Lewis. It retains traditions of the retired crests and provides a more manageable solution for the Club. 


The new 'Club Crest' bears a more recognisable silhouette of 'Carnwath Motte', a man-made defensive mound with ditch surrounding, on which a lookout tower stood in the 12th century. The ‘Roundel’, which shares its affectionate name with the courses opening hole, is still a visible feature of the course, located directly behind the first green.


The Antlers were added to surround the crest and represent the vast wildlife you will often see when playing the course and visiting the surrounding area.

The colours of gold and black tie back to the original club crest, with accompanying navy tartan as a nod to the blue found on previous iterations of the crest in the 80s / 90s.

Old Crest
Old Crest
Carnwath Golf Club Crest
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