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A winning blend of natural countryside beauty, artistically shaped fairways and excellent rolling greens, Carnwath is regarded among the very best kept golf courses in Lanarkshire. Our Member's often find their handicap holds up well on away courses, whilst new members often find their handicap will increase slightly due to a combination of course difficulty from our Medal Tees and a CSS which is often one under the course Par of 70. The inspiration of former Club Champion G.M Clark, Carnwath offers challenges for all levels of player.

Although the course is roughly 6,000 yards in length, three of its four Par 3’s are in the first four holes - so it is important to be swinging well straight from the word go. Not least because the 2nd, ‘The Yett’, is a 234-yard challenge which is significantly bunkered at the front and features run-offs round the back. 


As the round progresses, several roads and a railway line come into play. A premium is placed on accuracy as opposed to length when taking on our very own 'Amen Corner' through 5, 6, 7 & 8 and players are pleased to see the distant views offered by the 9th tee afterwards. If you can conquer the front nine, there is opportunity to take on some enticing Par 4’s in the back nine.


However, Carnwath boasts a tough finish, ensuring that a good score is never given up lightly. The 15th, ‘St Mary’s Aisle’, is a short Par 4 but it is a dog leg left, so the recurring theme of accuracy and astute course management is required. The same applies to the 16th, with trees ready to block you out off the tee and a small, narrow green makes finding it a tricky task.

Then more muscle is required on the penultimate hole, a 455-yard Par 4 which has trees and out of bounds up the left and more woodland on the opposite side of the fairway - it can be a monster of a hole in the southerly winds. Even longer hitters will be hitting a mid-iron or more into the green, which has hollows and mounds round its edges.


The 18th, ‘Moss Burn’, is a terrific closing Par 5 with out of bounds again lurking up the left. It is a long, “straightforward” hole finishing on a green with a false front and step run-off at the back - a traditional risk and reward hole with the clubhouse (and more importantly those inside) watching intently.

Carnwath GC Map fix.png

Check out our 'Hole by Hole' guide of the course below.


You can download our Digital Yardage Guide to your mobile device for use out on our Course by clicking on the Yardage Guide image. 

This is a great resource for Visitors as it provides a comprehensive overhead view of each hole, including out of bounds, ditches and other hazards on the Course. 


The Digital Yardage Guide is an equally useful for Member's who want to know distances to the centre of the green from key features on each hole. 

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